» » Maroon walls, Good Design Plant: Cornus Racemosa

Maroon walls, Good Design Plant: Cornus Racemosa

Maroon walls – For steep slopes & property edges that require stabilization or screening, agree with planting gray dogwood (Cornus racemosa). This native shrub tolerates dry, neatly -drained soil & partial shade. The suckering shrub paperwork a great hedge and works when planted in hundreds on a hillside or at the edge of your property. As an advantage, you will provide pollinators with pollen nectar, and birds with tasty caterpillars in summer season and berries within the fall & winter.. Good Design Plant: Cornus Racemosa

Maroon walls By Holm Design.

image of Maroon walls By Holm Design

In eastern North America, plant back off dogwood for erosion control or privateness, & you will get , berries & maroon fall foliage too.

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