Oriental design, Great Design Plant: Skylands Oriental Spruce, a Favorite Conifer

Oriental design – Conifer addiction a awful . Just ask any one who me. Visitors to my routinely inquire from me which of my a hundred conifers is my favourite. Without hesitation, I reply the Skylands Oriental spruce. It has attractive chartreuse foliage that visually cools a garden on........

Oriental design Eclectic to clearly Jay Sifford Garden Design
Image of Oriental design Eclectic by Jay Sifford Garden Design
Image of Oriental design By Jay Sifford Garden Design

Maroon walls, Good Design Plant: Cornus Racemosa

Maroon walls – For steep slopes & property edges that require stabilization or screening, agree with planting gray dogwood (Cornus racemosa). This native shrub tolerates dry, neatly -drained soil & partial shade. The suckering shrub paperwork a great hedge and works when planted in hundreds on a hillside or........

Maroon walls By Holm Design